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Presenting Mono² — 154 monochromatic vector icons available in various formats to fit your needs. Minimalist style, sharp shapes, actually useful icons, no bloat.

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About icons

Mono² icons are categorized in three groups:

  • General icons (basic icons for websites and blogs)
  • Social & Web (featuring most favourite social networks and websites)
  • Web Devel (HTML5 badges), licences (CC) & OS

Some icons have alternative versions.


  • Vector formats: AI, EPS, PDF, SVG
  • Webfont: EOT, SVG, TTF & WOFF (for all the browser support you need) with CSS references


If you’re having trouble with implementing icons or if you miss some icons you’d like, just let me know in comments (or elsewhere) — I’ll do my best to help you out! Suggestions and constructive criticism highly appreciated!

Updates & Changelog

1.1 • added 37 new icons – mostly back-end and UI icons, social icons (Instagram, Pinterest, Dribbble and Skype) and OS icons
1.0 • initial release (117 icons)

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