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  • Nice redesign @BittrexExchange – dark mode appreciated, love the clean & simple design; well done!

Link base

This place aggregates all the neat resources and stuff around the net. I want to keep the track of them and that’s why this Link base was born + why won’t I share?

Also, this is the place for you, if you’re looking for someting I wrote about, but can’t find it:

Throw in yours!

I’m sure somebody here has something amazing to share and add to the list. If that’s your case, please let me know here in comments or tweet me!

  • ShareItApp
    add your screenshots to various devices
  • PlaceIt
    professional mock-up templates (some free, other watermarked)
Patterns & Brushes

  • Bacon Ipsum
    “A meatier Lorem ipsum generator” (or try Veggie Ipsum if meat’s not your thing)
  • Office Ipsum new
    “What you’ve heard in every meeting ever”, also featuring Client Ipsum “Typical feedback clients like to give”
  • Nietzsche Ipsum new
    When you desire words of truth, inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s work
  • Placehold.it
    Quick and easy image placeholder (or Place Kitten)
Responsive Design
Stock Photos
Tools & Stuff
Web Development

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