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Hi my friend or a random visitor to AllienWorks!


I’m Martin Allien and this is my personal playground. AllienWorks serves as my personal blog about stuff I fancy or find useful. Main topics covered here range around Graphic/Web Design and Internet in general.

As I’m obsessed with making new things, AllienWorks also function as a base for my projects. AW is a metaphorical mothership for my pixels, code and activities online.

AllienWorks mutated much, in time. Since its birth in 2011, AW evolved a few times in a search of its purpose. And in its slogan (well, not really) “Constantly in development”, you can bet it will grow further.

Martin Allien

I’m freelance Web/Graphic Designer based in Prague, CZ.

Portfolio Homepage

As I mentioned, I love making new. Not shiny though, I’m not into cheap effects. Building my passion for open source, technology and visual beauty, I’m here to paint pixels and flirt with vectors.. and some VFX experiments!

Want to say hi or start something together? Hit me at @AllienWorks or

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