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Cryptocoins 1.3 released

It’s been some time since last Cryptocoins update, so I decided to throw some more in the sack.

Based on one request, one rebranding (looking your way, Dash) and another top 8 coins not covered by this icon pack (based on current market cap) – totaling 20 new icons.

  • 1.3 update – Darkcoin rebranded to Dash, added Infinitecoin (IFC), Vertcoin (VTC), NEM (XEM), DNotes (NOTE), Rimbit (RBT), GetGems (GEMZ), VeriCoin (VRC), ARCHcoin (ARCH) and BitStake (XBS)

Also, as mentioned in previous update, I’ve added optional CSS color definitions for each coin in cryptocoins-colors.css. Take a look at demo site to see those in action!

Cryptocoins 1.3 download Demo Fork on GitHub

Download, fork it, share them, whatever you please.

Sharing is caring

..and donations don’t hurt as well. Thanks so much to all of you, who appreciated my work and donated! I accept tips in Bitcoin and ShadowCash at these addresses:

Bitcoin: 1C6X5hRdmiKB8HCWuYB9vvtVCrRKN5vTnH
ShadowCash: SjQb4RopPHKvpwQitGGZHqeRkyFPMbKpNP


Missing your favourite altcoins? If so, let me know and I’ll include them in the next update!

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