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Mono2 (117 vector Icons) released

I’ve been recently invited to open up a shop at Creative Market, so I crafted Mono2 Icon Pack with 117 vector icons as my first public “product”.

About Mono2

I fell in love with Some Randon Dude’s Iconic (as mentioned earlier), but some of the icons just didn’t fit me (and I was missing some icons I’d use). So that’s why I made my own monochromatic vector icons. Mono2 is available in vector formats AI, EPS, PDF and SVG as well as in bitmap PSD (at 24×24 px by default) update: who needs bitmaps, when you have vectors, right? PSD dropped in 1.1 update, but mainly in webfont formats for all the browsers (EOT, SVG, TTF & WOFF).

This is initial version of Mono2 and more icons are coming, so stay tuned. Also, don’t miss out on starting Intro Sale – you can grab Mono2 for just $5 (with free future updates)!

Mono² Icon Pack

Icons included

  • General icons (basic icons for websites and blogs)
  • Social & Web (featuring most favourite social networks and websites)
  • Web Devel & Licences (with HTML5 “badges” to showcase your skills and Creative Commons licences)

If you just can’t find some icons you’re looking for, let me know, I’ll consider them. Support is important for me, so I’ll do the best I can.

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