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Cubby – Dropbox killer alternative?

You may have heard about Cubby already. Basically, it’s online backup and sharing service – like Dropbox, Google Drive or SpiderOak – which means it keeps your files synchronized online, reachable anywhere with internet connection, across all your devices and of course with your friends and colleagues.

There’s no need to explain how useful that can be.

The twist..

So, Cubby offers online storage and sharing, that’s nice. But with its free 5 GB, that won’t be enough to beat its competitors, right? That’s when the twist comes in – beyond those 5 GB in cloud, you get unlimited space for peer-2-peer sharing. What that means? That across your devices (~ devices paired with your account), you can store whatever data you want, in any amout. They won’t be reachable online, but they’ll be synced across your computers and other devices, which makes it ideal for syncing your documents, music and work files. Keep in mind that files shared with your friends has to be in cloud, so no unlimited sharing there.

Cubby is currently in beta and invite only.. Check out Cubby website and promo video for more information, if interested.


Fancy some more good news? All right! I have 5 invites, so let me know in comments if you’re interested, tell me what you want to share/sync (I’m just curious and want to get inspired) and you’re in!

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