Google+ finally launched Pages and support for Google Apps

It was just a few days ago, when I remembered how Google promised to integrate some more elegant way to promote your business than with personal profiles/accounts.

I didn’t want to wait for official release of Pages feature and I was tempted to sign up with my related Google Apps account.

Google Apps support

At that time however, Google Apps accounts weren’t supported for linking up with Google+. Now, it’s already a several days when Google Apps accounts are supported – if you want to use it, first you need to allow Google Talk and Google+ in your GApps domain administration.

  1. login to your Google Apps domain administration
  2. Organization & Users
  3. select Services tab (next to Users tab)
  4. switch Google Talk and Google+ to ON

When you enable G+ for your domain, just be sure that it’s more productive than distracting ;]

Creating a Page

In case you haven’t noticed already (or don’t have Google+ account), creating new Page is pretty simple and straight-forward.

Google+ users can visit Your Pages to manage and/or create new Pages; and as it seems, users not signed on Google+ (those who don’t have a personal profile) can’t register new Pages AFAIK – but maybe that’ll change in time.


Personally, I’m really glad Google finally implemented this Page feature. I’m confident to say that this move will push G+ to a higher level by many means. It was definitely missing, but not anymore.

So.. Do you have some more detailed informations on the whole Google+ thing, some tricks and tweaks for Pages or some freshly created you’d like to share?